Mission, Outreach and Ecumenical ministry

Each year, KUC sets aside some funds to support the work and programmes small organisations in Hong Kong, Asia and around the world.

KUC also has a small welfare and emergency fund to support refugees in HK as well as to respond to emergency needs.

Some of the projects supported in 2011 include:

  Name of project/
 Name of Organisation & country  Focus area / Concerns  Purpose of project / mission How KUC’s support helps this project
1 Scholarship for Bwe Mo Bwa theological students Bwe Mo Bwa Theological Students Fellowship, Myanmar Theological students/ Study provisions To help support needy Students To supplement the income of needy students
2 Holistic Development Mission for the young Wa people  Wa Youth Centre, Myanmar  Students/Education To promote dignity through Education & to nurture the young people to be qualified leaders of the community Financial support to those recovering victims of Nargis and
mess fees of students
3 Education for Rural Grassroots Children Community of Farmers and Daily workers, Myanmar Students/Education Empower the community through education To educate the children of farmers and daily workers
4 Education support for the orphans in Hunan Provence Amity Foundation, China Education/social services and health Financial support to students Supporting orphans in Hunan
5 Temporary shelter for women migrant workers Bethune House, Hong Kong Women migrant workers in Hong Kong Cater for migrant workers who have been terminated. Food drive and relocation costs
6 Affirming Children’s  Rights and women’s livelihood Vishtar, South India Education and Livelihood for the girls of Devadasis Set up a pottery unit to enhance the livelihood options for 70 children. Support of education
for girls
7 Support for International Students Lutheran Theological Seminary, Hong Kong Int students/Theological studies To support students from South East Asia Additional help for students in their programme
8 Domestic Helpers and Migrant Workers Programme Christian Action, Hong Kong Domestic helpers & Migrant workers Programme Rights for Domestic Migrant workers in Hong Kong Continued support and relocation costs
9 Support to Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Hong Kong Christian Action, Hong Kong Asylum seekers and refugees Emergency funding Covering basic needs for asylum seekers & refugees
10 Accepting and enabling women to live in dignity in society Association of Arulagam, South India Women Women empowerment to live with dignity Living expenses/ Medical expenses
11 Support for Sichuan Theological Students Sichuan Theological Seminary, China Students/Education Financial Support for students Transportation for 10 students for home Visit.
12 Community Day Care Centre  Moro Women Centre, The Philippines Women and Children Enhance cooperation among MORO women; women and Children rights & protection Training and learning Activities for Children
13 Self Learning English Materials with CDR Zi Teng, Hong Kong Commercial Sex Workers Creating awareness and rights of sex workers Know that their status is valid in a society that does not wish to acknowledge their existence
14 Residential Unit for Orphans Compassion Centre, Laos Education/ social concerns To provide a save place to live that will offer education and a slice of ‘normality’ the grant will help Establish the Centre
15 Relief and Rehabilitation for the Victims of the Tsunami in Japan Sagip-Migrante, Japan Relief Work/ Recovery Network for Migrant Workers in Japan To offer assistance to those Migrant workers in Japan and affected by the earthquake/Tsunami The grant will aid the organisation in the ‘recovery process’ After such a natural Disaster
16 Support for War Orphans in Northern Sri Lanka Holy Family Sisters Orphanage, Sri Lanka Education/social concerns To offer a safe place for children left without parents due to war. The sisters provide a living space and make provisions for education and life training. The grant will add to the funds available to the sisters to provide for the needs of the girls
17 Residential home For young adults who are mentally challenged Lisa’s Home. India Residential Care and attention for the mentally challenged To provide a safe place where The residents are loved and cared for To add to the funding for Day to day costs in the home

For more information on the projects supported by MOE, please contact the members of the MOE committee or write to kuc@kuc.hk